Dr. Viola Agostino-Valletta

About "Dr. Viola"

"Dr. Viola" has 27 years clinical experience working with adults and children. She has worked extensively with muscle and skeletal injuries, neurologic disorders and sports related injuries. She has developed protocols that use Chiropractic physical medicine, functional medicine,  postural neurology and clinical nutrition to address the unique needs of difficult cases.

"Dr Viola" offers treatment options for Special Needs children. She has a unique perspective as both a parent of a child with ADHD , and a professional who has had the privilege of consulting with many parents about diet, supplements and alternative treatment options for their children. Since  2003, she has focused her attention on treatment of allergy, ADHD, and Autism related disorders. She has been trained in the Defeat Autism Now (DAN) approaches and by the Hope for Autism Chiropractic Board. She is the past owner of the Brain Balance Achievement Center of Pittsburgh. 

Educational Background

Allegheny College, Meadville, PA.
Bachelor of Science in Human Biology, National University of Health Sciences
Doctorate of Chiropractic, National University of Health Sciences
Post Graduate Education in Orthopedics and Neurology
Post Graduate Education in Clinical Nutrition
Certification in Manipulation Under Anesthesia
Certification in Spinal Disability Evaluation
Post Graduate Neurology, Carrick Institute,  Childhood Developmental Disorders Program 


Chiropractor of the year, 2007 , by the Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association
Above and Beyond Award, 2006, by the Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association
President's Special Service Award, by the Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association
Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association,  past Chairman of the Board
Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association, past District Director